About the Company

Founded by producer and actor Vishnu Manchu, Via Mar Entertainment is a full-service commercial and film production company located in Los Angeles, CA. The company makes outstanding feature films and web series in various languages. Via Mar Entertainment is run by a team of experienced commercial producers and creatives whose combined skills contribute to the high quality our company provides in terms of production services. Our team is what gives us a market edge and what makes our production innovative and unique.

Via Mar’s parent company, Mohan Babu Corporation, has over 35 years of experience in filmmaking in India. The films produced by this company include Dynamite, Singam 123, Current Theega, Anukshanam, Rowdy, Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda, Doosukeltha, Denikaina Ready, Vastadu Naa Raju, and others. The reputed production house has also produced a range of television shows such as O Inti Katha, Intilo Ramiah Veedilo Krish, HAPPY DAYS, Lakshmi talk show, Aam Aha Kam Kahaa, and Tirumala Mahathyam. Via Mar Entertainment is now ready to follow in the steps of its parent company, exploring the arena of world cinema with equal success, by launching web series and feature films in English, Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi languages.

Via Mar Entertainment has a clear vision: we wish to present meaningful stories that will inspire and motivate audiences. We don’t compromise the quality of our work; we always strive for the best. We develop modern, impactful projects. We use cutting edge concepts and approval processes, and we are committed to quality through all the phases of video production and post-production.